Management Study Program Vision

In 2025, the FE UNY Management Study Program envisions:

"To become a superior study program that produces graduates who are professionals in the field of management science, who pay attention to the advancement of Science and Technology, as well as global demands, based on the values of piety, entrepreneurial spirit, and being critical and innovative towards various management issues."


The following is an explanation of how the vision was created.

1. "Unggul" formula is expected to produce superior results than management study programs outside of UNY.
"Professional" formula assumes that the academic community of the UNY Management Study Program is a person who is capable of carrying out responsibilities entrusted to him in accordance with the Implementation Guidelines and Technical Instructions.

3."Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi" formula means Management Study Program of UNY develops a learning process in the field of management by taking into account the development of research results, discoveries, and increasing understanding in the field of management, as well as the development of all necessary facilities to increase comfort and convenience in learning management science, according to the formulation of Science and Technology.
4."Tuntutan global" means that the Management Study Program establishes a learning process in management science by taking into consideration global demands and developments on a national, regional, and worldwide scale.

5. "Takwa" formulation means Management Study Program academic community is religious people who are persistent in their faith, carry out His orders and keep away from His prohibitions, have noble character, are honest, and sincere in all actions.
6."Berjiwa Entrepreneur" means is an independent translation of UNY's vision, meaning that the academic community of UNY Management Study Program are responsible, open-minded people who dare to make judgments, are fair, can manage and satisfy their own demands, and do not rely on other people/parties.

7. "Kritis & Inofatif" formulation is the translation of scholars in UNY's vision, namely that the academic community of the UNY Management Study Program is a human being who has the ability to analyze, evaluate, conclude on existing facts and make solutions and produce new methods or results.


The Management Study Program mission 

The Management Study Program's existence is emphasized in the study program's mission, which is as follows:

1. Organizing a high-quality educational process in accordance with worldwide demands in order to prepare professional graduates who appreciate piety, entrepreneurial spirit, critical thinking, and innovation.
2. Conduct research and publish scientific papers in the field of management science for lecturers and students.
3. Organizing community service activities to put managerial knowledge and abilities into practice.
4 .Organizing an ethical and transparent study program governance structure and partnering with other institutions at the national and international levels to support the learning process, scientific research and publication, as well as community service in the field of management.


The Management Study Program Purpose 

The Management Study Program at FE UNY offers various objectives that align with the program's mission, including the following:

1. Producing professional graduates who are religious, entrepreneurial, critical and innovative in the field of management science, and capable of competing in the global marketplace of labor
2. Produce exceptional research that is beneficial to the advancement of management science.
3. Produce scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals on a national and worldwide scale
4. Create community service activities that benefit the community's welfare.
5. The achievement of sound and transparent study program governance, as well as the capacity to collaborate with other institutions at the national and international levels in order to facilitate the implementation 6.of the research learning process, the publication of scientific works, and community service in the field of management.

Management Research Program's Objective

1. Creating a conducive learning environment (THES: Teaching) in the educational and learning processes through the optimal use of science and technology in order to increase the quality of graduates
2. Extending international collaboration (THES: International perspective) with diverse parties in order to improve the quality of lecturers' and students' involvement
3. Create networks and improve the amount of research available to instructors and students (THES Research).
4. Increased revenue (THES: revenue generated by innovation) as a result of joint research with industry
5. Increasing the amount of publications (THES Research) of lecturers' and students' scientific works
6. Increase the quantity of citations (THES Citation) for lecturers' and students' scientific writings
7. Increase collaboration with industry on community service projects that result in ideas that benefit the community (THES: Innovation and Income generate)
8. Enhancing the governance, management, and service quality of organizations