Graduates of Bachelor of Management Study Program 2013-2016

Karangmalang January 2016. In the context of compiling the activities of the UNY Management S1 study program, the evaluation of learning obtained from the 4-year study data showed a significant increase. In 2013 the results of the GPA of S1 Management study program graduates were still at 3.17 with an average length of study of 4.9 years. However, in 2013 the number of cum laude students was 17.8% of the 107 graduates. Then in 2014 there was an increase in the average GPA to 3.33 and a decrease in the length of study to 4.81 years with 21.4% cum laude graduates from 84 students who graduated in 2014. However, in 2015 the average GPA of graduates fell 0.06 points to 3.27. However, there was a reduction in the average length of study to 4.51 years with a cum laude number of 23.9% of the 88 graduates. In 2016 there was an increase in the average GPA of graduates to 3.38 with an increase of 0.11 points from 2015. The average length of study for graduates in 2016 decreased to 4.37 years with 23.4% cum laude students from 184 students.

This improvement in learning outcomes is supported by several breakthrough programs that were initiated in 2014 such as intensive assistance for thesis students, thesis camps, remedials, and curriculum changes by proposing to take thesis courses in the 7th semester. courses can be used to accelerate theses such as industrial practices that can be used for initial thesis observations, and targeted concentration research that allows for thesis completion in semester 7. , HIMA and Postgraduate Student Families. The series of soft skills programs that will be given to students have made a curriculum from semester one to semester eight students in accordance with the vision of UNY that is ready to welcome as a world-class university.