SME's Discussion with ministery of SMEA

Taipei Oct 23rd, 2017. As a part of research conduct by Prof. Dr. Nahiyah Jaidi and Setyabudi Indartono, Ph.D., some discussions of SME are held with ministery of SMEA. The UNY researchers are welcome by Darleen Chen (Director of Policy Planning Division) and Keh-Jang Liu (Advisor of Policy Planning Devision) and team. Taiwan  is a very interesting laboratory for this research. Taiwan act of SME are assisting or encouraging measures in respect of the Market research and development, Furtherance of rationalization of business operations, Promotion of mutual cooperation, Acquisition and securing of production factors and technology, Education and training of competent personnel, and Other matters relating to the establishment or sound development of small and medium enterprises.

There are 1.3 milion SMEs in Taiwan with employed 78% rates, and parat of 98% of total business. SME in taiwan is supported in various business such as finance, management, information management, quality upgrading, mutual assistance and collaboration, and start-up incubation to increase innovative SME ecosystem. Hence, goverment policy planning is to create a favourable Environment for the development of SMEs by research, smart regulation, and international affair. Hence there are 107 IPO companies of SME with 6.6% of Stock market, more than 7000 starup firms, 12.000+ incubatees, and 160+ incubators in Taiwan. Some Awards and recognicition come from AABI, InBIA, and UBI with closely related to SME mentoring, funding and networking.